While the military and para-military forces are deployed on the borders defending the country from external aggressions, the police and central police forces (CPOs) are deployed to protect the country from internal security threats. Private Security Services The threat over a period of time has increased more from internal enemies than from external enemies.

While our military strength is at par with the external enemy our police forces are way behind in terms of the ratio of cops with population. The police lack good equipment, training and effective weapons etc. What do we Indians need to do at this crucial stage to save our country from such subversive forces? First and foremost step should be to know and be aware of the problem, possible threats, shortcomings in the system and solutions.

  • PROBLEM: Naxalism & Extremism - The naxalite movement which started in the 60s in Naxalbari village in North Bengal has spread to 170 districts in 15 states. security Services in delhi The naxalites or left wing extremists run parallel Governments in more than 55 districts. Similarly, a few extremist groups are working in the North East and the problem of the Kashmir Valley is known to all of us.
  • THREAT: The way naxalism and terrorism is spreading its wings in the remote areas, it would soon engulf the major towns and cities and the whole security system would collapse.
  • SHORTCOMINGS: Handling of this national threat is left to localised state law and order maintenance agencies. The plans made by the Govt to fight this menace are adequate provided they are executed within a fixed time frame. The extremists are succeeding in places where people are relatively poor. We, the progressive citizens of our great country are totally uninvolved or bothered about the activities in the rest of the country.
  • SOLUTION:Firstly, this naxalism & extremism has to be identified as a National problem by the Govt. and this has recently been done. It has to be handled centrally rather than by each state. Look at the actual grievances of the poor and resolve them and help the offenders to become good citizens. Release additional resources for police forces and give them latest equipments. Army to train these forces and NCC to be involved in remote areas to generate awareness to the masses. Development activities in these areas to be done by NGOs and a mass movement to be initiated. Local population to be mobilised and local senas to be made to support the police and the Government. The naxalites / extremists should be brought to the discussion table and solution needs to be worked out. Each progressive citizen in the cities needs to be self motivated and concerned about these activities and contribute some time towards these areas and the problems by talking to more and more people. The five million employees in the security industry can certainly be used as a big force to fight this menace.
    Lets wake up and treat this as a wake up call.

    Capt. Ravee CEO & MD