corporate intelligence

The Corporate Intelligence Team at Fireball works globally and round the clock to facilitate all its esteemed customers with fast, accurate and up-to-date information which is crucial to the decision making process be it individual or corporate.
For success and failure of a business, it is important to obtain significant information about the prevailing business environment, competitors and the business itself. It is even more important when an organization/corporate is planning a new business or an investment.

Fireball Detectives
How Fireball Corporate Intelligence section can help in providing updated information and assessments about the following aspects:
Prospective market
Key competitors and their operations.
Pre-joint venture due diligence to ensure prospective partner has the capabilities/stability to support a contract Verification and certification of vendors manufacturers /sub contractors to safeguard corporate reputation as also quality of product.
Political analysis
Geo location risk analysis including environmental damage, unhygienic and unsafe working conditions. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT) analysis of the market (short team) Competitors prospects