A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up official and commercial records about a person. It was often done when someone applies for a job but mostly for those that requires high security or position of trust like a school, hospital, bank, airport, in law enforcement, etc.

Information includes the following:
  • Past employment
  • Social Networking
  • Credit Worthiness
  • Criminal History
  • Fireball Detectives
background screening
  • These checks are important because they allow better informed and less-subjective evaluations to be made about a person. However, they also pose risks including improper and illegal discrimination, identity theft, and violation of privacy. Employment screening services and employment background checks are vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety. Fireball employment background screening practices reduce the risk associated with industry-wide hiring decisions. With the implementation of our employee background checks, we give you the insight you need to uncover the unknown facts, quickly and easily background screening. Fireball offers an array of employee background check and employment screening services to organizations of all shapes and sizes.
  • Our team will customize a solution that is appropriate for your hiring policy, budget, and industry. Under this program, Fireball’s professionals find out the details of the present and past employment of employees whose cases are pending in Labour / Industrial Courts. Numerous organizations have taken advantage of this program to reduce their liabilities.
  • A background screening would cover the following aspects: -
    » Present and Past Residence Verification
    » Criminal / Police Verification
    » Employment Verification
    » Qualification Verification
    » Reference Verification
    » Education Verification
    » Character Reference Check
    » Credit History